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Golf Ball Tips

Before you start to play golf, hitting the golf ball can look like a relatively easy process. In fact, it is no surprise to find yourself wondering why almost all professional golfers seem to have an identical technique for hitting the ball. Well, it is not until you get on the fairway and try and hit the ball that the reality hits home – hitting a golf ball takes more than just a strong swing of the golf club.

I cannot say that there is such a thing as golf made easy as it takes technique and practice to get it right. What’s more, there are different techniques for different surfaces. The technique used for hitting a ball far is different from that used when you are just 10 yards from the hole. Professional golfers who have mastered the different techniques will sometimes use a combination of techniques during a single swing depending on where they want the ball to go.

Hitting a golf ball further

If you want to hit the golf ball further take a normal stance but ensure that your left foot is turned slightly more outward than a standard golf stance. Make sure the foot is directly below your left shoulder and that your shoulder is facing the exact direction you want the ball to go. Turning your left leg further out provides a better hip rotation during the swing. Make sure your feet are as wide apart as the width of your shoulders.

A common mistake among amateur golfers is taking a much wider stance – the problem with that is it reduces the hip swing thus lowers the power released to the ball by your swing. Place the ball slightly more toward your front leg than to your back foot. That way, you maximize the power throughput of your swing. Lean to the right, raise the swing and make sure the initial power comes from your hips with your arms and upper body following up to harness maximum energy from the rotation.

Hitting a ball straight

Irrespective of the amount of power packed in your shot, it would all come to naught in a game of golf if you are unable to hit the ball straight. And it only takes a difference of millimeters in your position, stance and swing for you to hit the ball way off target. It takes a substantial amount of practice. But there are a number of core principles.

First, the ball should be directly at the center of your stance. Next, bend your knees a little as you ensure that your shoulders and arms form a regular triangle as you hold the club face to the ball. This triangle must be maintained throughout the swing. Keep your eyes on the ball during the swing and ensuring the motion in the front and back swing is identical.Hitting a golf ball higher

You can use both shorter and longer clubs to hit the ball higher. Place the ball a little further from your frame than in a normal golf stance. Having the ball further from you than usual ensures that the club face will strike the ball when it is past its lowest point in the swing and is already back on the ascent thus giving it a ‘lift’. Make sure your swing is a solid three quarter.

Hitting the ball out of a bunker

No golf course is truly complete without its fair share of sand bunkers on the fairway. But hitting the ball into a bunker does not mean you have to settle for bogey or even worse. How you hit the ball in the sand bunker will depend on whether the ball is substantially covered in sand or it is sitting easily atop the sand. If it is atop the sand and you judge that you have sufficient room to clear the lip of the bunker, you can take a clean approach shot.

If it is however buried in sand, you will have to take the lumps and hit a firm explosive shot to get the ball onto the fairway. Either way, getting the ball out of the bunker will require a club that has sufficient loft. Make sure your feet are well dug into the sand before you take the swing – remember that unlike the grass, you have a lot less stability on the sand. The less sand you can avoid hitting the easier it will be to get back on the green.

Hopefully these tips were useful and you can apply the techniques so that you can enjoy and play more golf.

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